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In this episode, I’m talking with Peter Eastwood. Peter is a retired entrepreneur from New Zealand working in conservation in Africa. He was the Founder of Imake a Difference Trust, which has raised funds for and supported many projects across Africa working to put an end to rhino poaching. He is also the founder of Tanglewood Foundation, which supports educational films and documentaries, including the film STROOP, and programs like school camps, the Albany Thicket Biodiversity Restoration Project, Coexistence Gardens, and Koru Camp; an immersive overnight camping experience for South African communities. He strives to live a principled life with purpose, and he is a plant based eater for the planet, animals, and better personal health.

In this conversation, we talk about Peter’s first trip to Africa and his path into conservation. We dive into his desire to make a difference, and the learning journey he went on along the way; from focusing on frontline and anti-poaching work, to shifting toward projects that engage the youth and local communities. We even spend time dissecting the process of bringing a documentary film to life. My favorite part of this conversation was our discussion around Koru Camp, and the impact overnighting in the bush for the first time has on young children and old grandmothers. Peter exudes passion and a boundless drive to make a difference.

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