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In this episode, I’m talking with Grant Miller, MBE. Grant started his career in the military, and then moved to law enforcement where he worked in customs and border control in the UK predominantly in the area of narcotics trafficking. His last years of service were as the Head of the UK’s National CITES Enforcement Team and Chair of the Interpol wildlife crime working group. He now works as a Law Enforcement Specialist at the Zoological Society of London or ZSL.

In this conversation, we talk about Grant’s begrudging transition from law enforcement narcotics to a role in CITES enforcement, and why he eventually fell in love with it. We go deep into all of the wide ranging conservation and research projects that ZSL is involved in around the world. And we talk at length about the importance and challenges of rangers, spending a lot of time talking about trauma and mental health. So much passion, knowledge, and wisdom in this episode.

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