From the Global Conservation Corps and Friendly Human comes, RHINO MAN, a feature-length documentary about the courageous field rangers who risk their lives every day to protect South Africa's rhinos from being poached to extinction.


The Rhino Man Podcast is a way for us to bring more awareness to the cause and promote the release of the movie. Director John Jurko II interviews top conservationists about rhinos, rangers, and the poaching crisis.



We’re excited to reveal our amazing and beautiful poster, which will represent RHINO MAN as we bring the film to the world . The poster features the hero of our film along with endangered black rhinos. We hope this poster will draw people in and make them curious to learn more about the film, the life of a ranger, and what they can do to support rangers worldwide.

A massively huge thanks goes out to the inimitable artist Marcel van Luit, for creating such a stunning image. Please check out his beautiful and enchanting artwork at

Another big thank you goes out to photographer Emma Gatland for taking this epic photo of Anton, which has been incorporated into this work of art. View her work at

Eventually we will be printing these posters to promote festivals and events, and to share with the community. Stay tuned!


RHINO MAN features a completely Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, scored by Simón Wilson. Our title track "Who Will Step Up?" features Zulu lyrics and vocals by South African musical artists Sipho Mchunu and Mandisa Dlanga.

SIPHO MCHUNU is a Zulu musician best known for his partnership with Johnny Clegg in the band Juluka from the 1970s to the 1990s. Mchunu's Zulu compositions, vocals and guitar work brought traditional Zulu styles such as maskanda and mbaqanga to a wider crossover audience. His most recent album, Iselula, is available on Spotify.

MANDISA DLANGA is a South African vocalist from Lusikisiki, in the rural Transkei. She left her home to relocate to Johannesburg where she worked with and director, Gibson Kente. She met Johnny Clegg in studio in 1986 and recorded and toured with him as the longest serving member in Clegg's line-up.

A special thanks goes to Executive Producer Robert Bath and his music label FoundDigital Entertainment for producing the title track.

(Photo of Sipho and Mandisa by Lance Peterson Photography.)



Rhinos are being poached at such a rapid rate that they could soon go extinct in the wild. Rangers are their final line of defense, yet many lack the support needed to carry out this heroic mission.



Without properly trained and cared for rangers we will continue to lose rhinos along with many other species and important habitats at a rapid rate. Learn what you can do to make a difference today.

“One day your child asks you, ‘So what did you do when this war was going on?’ And you say, ‘I did nothing.’ Surely that is not an answer.”

~Dr. Johan Marais.

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