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In this episode I have a wide ranging conversation with my good friend Ashwell Glasson. Ash is a Combatting Wildlife Crime Policy Specialist and Registrar at the Southern African Wildlife College, he’s an executive board member of the Field Guides association of Southern Africa, he has worked as a Field Guide, was a medic in the South African Defence Force, and has degrees in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution, and Strategic Business Management.

We cover much of Ash’s education and employment background in the first part of this podcast, but it’s not just a boring list of accomplishments, it’s interwoven with stories about the history of South Africa and the complex problems and potential solutions surrounding the current poaching crisis.

From Ash’s background we dive deeper into the rhino poaching crisis, the importance of rangers, trust, and community engagement, and what part you could play in making the world a better place. There are plenty of stories and much to take away from this conversation. So let’s jump in.

Instagram: @ashwellglasson
Facebook: @ashwell.glasson.92
LinkedIn: @ashwellbglasson