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In this episode, I’m talking with Urs Reif. Urs studied biology and nature conservation and is working as chief ranger for Black Forest national park in Germany. In addition Urs worked in conservancy reporting and in the federal ministry for nature conservation. As a volunteer he is seating the ranger working group for Europarc Germany and is president of the European Ranger Federation.

In this conversation, we talk about Urs’ path to becoming a ranger, the beauty of Black Forest national park, and his opinion on Black Forest cake. We dive into the importance of rangers locally and globally, the necessity and benefits of ranger associations, and the workings of the European Ranger Federation. This conversation was full of energy and confirmed, once again, my love of rangers, their stories, and the work they do.

Instagram: @european_ranger_federation | @reif.urs
Facebook: @EuropeanRangerFederation
LinkedIn: @European Ranger Federation