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In this episode, I’m talking with Nick Brandt. Nick is a conservationist and photographer who uses his captivating art to champion environmental causes. Nick was born and raised in London, where he originally studied Painting and Film. He now lives in the southern Californian mountains. In 2010, Nick co-founded Big Life Foundation, a non-profit in Kenya and Tanzania that employs more than 300 local rangers protecting 1.6 million acres of the Amboseli/Kilimanjaro ecosystem. The themes in Nick’s photographic series relate to the destructive impact that humankind is having on both the natural world and now humans themselves too.

In this conversation, we talk about Nick’s confrontation with elephant poaching in East Africa, and how that sparked his journey from photographer to conservationist, leading to the creation of Big Life Foundation. We dive deep into his art series from the East African Trilogy to Inherit the Dust and This Empty World to The Day May Break. We go into his process and the logistics for these massive artistic undertakings. And we spend time digging into the environmental issues that currently plague our planet, along with stories of some of the resilient humans in his photographs.

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