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In this episode, I’m talking with James Mwenda. James grew up in the foothills of Mt. Kenya where he was surrounded by wildlife and inspired by the local rangers. At Ol Pejeta Conservancy, he worked his way up from general laborer, to rhino patrolman, to caretaker of the last of the Northern White Rhinos. James is a Kenyan Wildlife Speaker and African Wildlife Educator, and he recently started Jemu Mwenda Expeditions, where he offers Safari Travel with Intent.

In this conversation, we dig into James’ early memories of human wildlife conflict and how that influenced his decision to become a ranger. We talk about his years out in the bush working at Ol Pejeta. We go into his time as one of the caretakers of Sudan, the last male Northern white rhino, his work as an ambassador for conservation, and his new venture, Jemu Mwenda Expeditions. We even talk about his recent visit to see the Mountain Gorillas.

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Facebook: @jemuexpeditions
Twitter: @jemumwenda