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In this episode, I’m talking with Dr. Barney Long. Barney received his Bachelors of Science in Zoology at the University of Bristol, and his Ph.D. in Biodiversity Management, at the Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology, University of Kent at Canterbury. For years Barney led the Species Program at WWF, starting his career in Southeast Asia exploring the region during baseline biodiversity inventory surveys and searching for presumed extinct primates. Barney is now the Senior director of Conservation Strategies at Re:wild, where he works on the conservation of endangered mammal species and the thematic approaches required to achieve the recovery of their populations.

In this conversation, we talk about Barney’s childhood dream to work in the rainforest, some of his early days in the field, an unexplainable experience with a local guide, and his passion for the Sumatran and Javan rhinos. We dive deep into the complex and daring attempts being made to bring the Sumatran rhinos back from the brink of extinction. We explore the many lost species and lesser known creatures on the edge, and how Re:wild is partnering with people from around the world, who have a passion for saving their local wildlife.

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