Ep 13: Sean Willmore – The Thin Green Line Foundation and telling the rangers’ stories.

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In this episode, I’m talking with my friend Sean Willmore. Sean  was an Australian Park Ranger for 11 years before selling his car, remortgaging his home, and heading off on a 14 month trip around the world to make a film about rangers. His efforts to bring attention to the dangerous work undertaken by these warriors has won him international acclaim. Using profits from the documentary The Thin Green Line, Sean started The Thin Green Line Foundation, where he currently works as the founder and Managing Director. He also served for 8 years as the President of the International Rangers Federation.

In this conversation, we talk about Sean’s early connection to conservation and his work as a ranger in Australia.  We dive deep into the decision to risk it all to follow a passion to tell these rangers stories. We hear about the many challenges that rangers face in diverse settings around the world, and what The Thin Green Line Foundation is doing to address them. There are so many amazing stories from Sean’s life and from the fellow rangers he’s encountered.

Website: thingreenline.org.au
Instagram: @thethingreenlinefoundation
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