Ep 45: Tom Medema – Rally for Rangers: Empowering rangers with new motorcycles.

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In this episode, I’m talking with Tom Medema. Tom is the Co-Founder of Rally for Rangers, whose mission is to protect the world’s special places by empowering rangers around the world with new motorcycle equipment. Tom was born in Michigan in the United States, and developed a passion for national parks at a young age while on family vacations throughout the American west. This passion turned into a career as a park ranger spanning over 33 years.

In this conversation, we talk about how Tom found himself on his first ride through Mongolia, and the early beginnings of Rally for Rangers. We dive deep into the importance of rangers, the support they need to do their work, and passion for this calling. We go into some of the epic adventures of past rallies, how you can get involved, and talk about their new film A Rally for Rangers. Tom was full of energy and passion and his stories make you want to go on your own adventure and to support the rangers.

Website: rallyforrangers.org
Instagram: @rallyforrangers | @tom_medema
Facebook: @rallyforrangers
Twitter: @tom_medema
LinkedIn: @Tom Medema