Ep 51: Chris Galliers – The future of rangers and the International Ranger Federation.

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In this episode I’m talking with Chris Galliers. Chris is the current President of the International Ranger Federation and we go deep on everything rangers, on this World Ranger Day. He is also the manager of Conservation Outcomes, which was created to provide support to land that is being developed and managed for biodiversity conservation outside of traditional state protected areas. Chris has been on the executive committee for the Game Rangers Association of Africa, and was the Senior Manager of Wildlife and Conservation Initiatives at WESSA.

In this conversation, we dive into Chris’s youth growing up on a dairy farm in rural KwaZulu-Natal and the curiosity that led him into the conservation field. We talk about the importance of rangers, the balance of conserving spaces while supporting growth, staying optimistic in work that can feel like a constant battle, and we go deep on the International Ranger Federation. Chris talks about the next World Ranger Congress, the Chitwan Declaration and the Universal Ranger Support Alliance, and the International Ranger Awards. Chris is deeply passionate about rangers, conservation, and his work. You won’t want to miss this wide ranging conversation.

Instagram: @chrisgalliers | @int_ranger_fed
Facebook: @chris.galliers.5 | @InternationalRangerFederation
Twitter: @ursa4rangers
LinkedIn: @Chris Galliers | @Universal Ranger Support Alliance