Ep 33: Benson Kanyembo – Protecting Zambia’s wildlife and training the next generation.

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In this episode, I’m talking with Benson Kanyembo. Benson was born in Kitwe, Zambia, the son of a policeman. He has devoted over 20 years of his life to protecting Zambia’s wildlife for future generations. In 1994, Benson started his career in wildlife enforcement as a scout for the North Luangwa Conservation Project (NLCP). From there, he’s worked for multiple organizations holding positions, which included village scout, community scout, and Senior Wildlife Police Officer. In 2009, Benson joined Conservation South Luangwa (CSL) as Operations Manager, and in 2018 was promoted to Law Enforcement Advisor. He now leads all CSL anti-poaching law enforcement and wildlife rescue operations. He has won the 2019 TUSK Wildlife Ranger Award, the 2020 Paradise International Foundation’s African Ranger Awards, and was nominated for Best Game Ranger in the 2020 Rhino Conservation Awards.

Benson is a great man of integrity and purpose, and throughout his career he has faced many challenges including hard physical labor, police corruption, an undeserved prison sentence, constant dangers in the bush, and much more. Through all of this he has managed to keep a mindset of constant growth and a spirit of dedication to the cause. I’m excited for you to learn from his powerful story.

Website: cslzambia.org
Instagram: @bensonkanyembo
Facebook: @Benson Kanyembo
Twitter: @KanyemboBenson
LinkedIn: @Benson Kanyembo