Ep 39: Sharon Haussmann – GKEPF and protecting wildlife in the Greater Kruger Area.

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In this episode, I’m talking with Sharon Haussmann. Sharon is the CEO of the Greater Kruger Environmental Protection Foundation or GKEPF, which was established to assist with protecting wildlife and combatting environmental crime across the region. Over the last four-plus years, Sharon has held multiple Chairperson positions at Balule Nature Reserve. She has strong roots in farming in the Lowveld, and has academic qualifications in engineering and conflict management.

In this conversation, we talk about Sharon’s early upbringing and her path into conservation. We dig into the history of the formation of Balule Nature Reserve. We go into her experience of the early days of the rhino poaching crisis and how it has evolved over time. We dive into the formation of GKEPF and the wide ranging work they are doing to coordinate partners and programs in an effort to protect wildlife. And we even spend time talking about the importance of rangers and our dear friend and fallen ranger, Anton Mzimba. She had some beautiful words to say about his life and memorial service. Throughout this episode, Sharon exudes passion, dedication, and love for the people and the work of conservation.

Website: gkepf.org
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LinkedIn: @Sharon Haussmann | @GKEPF