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In this special episode of The Rhino Man Podcast, host John Jurko II talks about what’s to come for Rhino Man in 2024. To start, he’s planning a new and improved version of the podcast, which will include in-person interviews of rangers and conservationists. These will be video episodes with studio quality audio. A first in the conservation space. John hopes to highlight the heroes working to protect our planet’s wildlife in the build up to the release of the film.

And as for RHINO MAN the movie, 2024 is the year of its release. Watch out, over the next 6 months, for screening dates at festivals across the United States, Canada, and the UK. These will lead into a theatrical release of the film in June and culminate with an online release come July of 2024. We’re so excited to share the film with you and could use your support in getting the word out.

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